Project Opportunities

The project is generating a range of local job opportunities at the purpose-built Wulkuraka Maintenance Centre as well as for the train design and delivery phases. At project peak, Qtectic has estimated a total of 514 full-time equivalent local jobs will be created or maintained and more than 1,500 indirect jobs will also be created.

Approximately 150 full-time new positions are being created at the Maintenance Centre to service the NGR fleet over 30 years, including engineers, trades people, cleaners, and ground staff.

Ongoing local engagement and participation opportunities at the Wulkuraka Maintenance Centre include:

  1. Direct employment including engineers, tradespeople, cleaning staff and ground staff
  2. Supply of products and services to support maintenance of the NGR fleet and the maintenance centre equipment for a period of 30 years – eg air conditioner overhauls, bogie overhauls, seat repairs and refurbishment, workwear and protective equipment, etc
  3. Background support services for the permanent staff – eg catering facilities, car servicing and repairs, temporary accommodation, etc

Qtectic and Bombardier are partnering with Queensland Universities, Rail Skills Australasia (RSA), local TAFEs, the Industry Capability Network (ICN) and local community groups to ensure the above opportunities are realised during the next two years of the project.

Businesses and individuals interested in working on the NGR project should register interest on our Contacts Us page.


Construction materials sourced locally


Construction workforce employed locally